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The Belgian proposal to revise FAL Form 7 to include HNS

Dear Correspondence Group Members,

The aim of this post is to indicate how the revision of the FAL Convention could support the entry into force of the HNS Convention 2010. I also want topropose minor amendments to the FAL Convention in FAL Form 7 Dangerous Goods Manifest. I hope there is still time and space to consider this issue in the Correspondence Group.

The HNS Convention 2010 has yet to come into force. One issue is the reporting of the receipts of HNS goods to calculate contributions to the HNS fund. The challenge is two-fold. Firstly, we need to avoid as much as possible additional administrative burdens and costs for the reporting persons and authorities. Secondly, the authority needs a reliable method for the control of the reporting, since the HNS conventions establishes possible financial responsibility of the States, in case lack of control results in financial losses for the fund.



Reporting Guidelines on Contributing Cargo

A set of guidelines have been developed to facilitate the fulfilment of companies and States’ reporting obligations in the period prior to entry into force. There were adopted at a workshop hosted by IMO and organised with the IOPC Funds in November 2012 and are available here and can be used as a model by States considering the ratification of the 2010 HNS Protocol.