LEG 101

Legal Committee Apr 28-May 2, 2014

LEG 101 & Meeting

FM_smallDear Colleagues,

Thank you to those who responded to my email message.

As you may know, there are now three documents submitted under agenda item #3 at the upcoming Legal Committee meeting. One of these documents is sponsored by Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway (see here). It provides an update to the Legal Committee on the activities that have taken place since its last meeting, namely the holding of the informal meeting last October, the constitution of this informal correspondence group and the creation of the HNS Blog. More importantly, the document proposes to formalize the Correspondence Group with draft terms of reference. It should be noted that these terms of reference are based on those of the former Correspondence Group struck up in 1999. I invite you to consider the proposal made in the paper, which I have attached to this email message. The Legal Committee will also be invited to elect a Coordinator for the Correspondence Group.

Finally, given this proposal before the Legal Committee, it would be important to take advantage of the fact that many of us will be in London that week. Thus, after consulting the IMO Secretariat, the Correspondence Group will meet on Thursday, May 1 at 2:00pm. The location of the meeting will be announced earlier in the week of the Legal Committee. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the future activities of the Correspondence Group and an action plan with short, medium and longer term objectives. An agenda will be prepared and distributed prior to the meeting and please contact me should you have any suggestions to be added to the agenda.

Looking forward to meeting many of you in London.




Upcoming IMO & IOPC Meetings

FM_smallHappy new year to all and thank you to those who responded to my initial email message. You can always add recipients to the distribution list by contacting myself anytime.

This message is in anticipation of the upcoming meetings of the IMO Legal Committee (April 28-May 2) and the IOPC Funds meeting (May 6-9). As you know, there is a regular item on the agenda of the Legal Committee with regards the monitoring and implementation of the HNS Convention: Facilitation of the entry into force and harmonized interpretation of the HNS Protocol, 2010. I have discussed with both Secretariats and I would like to propose to the Correspondence Group that we take advantage to continue our discussions in the Legal Committee under this agenda item. It is also apparent that many States seek additional information and models on national implementation of the HNS Convention.

In this regard, Canada will submit a document to the Legal Committee that will: (i) inform the Committee of the developments since the last meeting with respect to the informal meeting held last October and the reforming of this Correspondence Group, and (ii) provide additional information on the Canadian implementation of the HNS Convention.