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There is still time to register for the HNS Workshop.

Thomas Liebert

IOPC Funds

Dear Blog readers,

As you know from the final message posted by Francois Marier last October, the HNS Correspondence Group has finished its work and delivered on all its planned outcomes.

The last of them is in fact going to be delivered very soon in the form of a workshop that has been organised by IMO in cooperation with the IOPC Funds and which will take place on 26-27 April 2018 at the IMO HQ.

It is still possible to register for the workshop via the IMO website and I recommend that you use this opportunity to attend and contribute to its success.

A number of interesting developments have been taking place over the last year, including the first ratification by Norway, the European Council Decision asking European Member States to accede to the 2010 HNS Convention and the information we get from a number of States showing progress towards ratification. In fact we expect some to take place in the next weeks!

This Blog, although first established to facilitate communication among the members of the Correspondence Group, will continue to be available moving forward. We believe that having a platform where people can share information or ask questions could be useful for all readers and we will endeavor to provide answers whenever possible.

Finally, in order to make that tool more user-friendly, we are currently reviewing the setup and we’ll keep you posted of any developments.


We welcome your contributions!

TL_smallDear correspondence group members,

One of the decision taken during our first meeting in October 2013 was to set up a forum to exchange views and information on progress made towards the ratification and implementation of the 2010 HNS Protocol.

This blog has been established for that purpose and we hope that you will make the best use of it. We look forward to seeing your contributions soon.