Programme for HNS Workshop



Dear Members of the Correspondence Group,

Thank you again to all those who provided me with comments and suggestions. These were very helpful in developing a draft programme.

Some of the key points that should guide the workshop are as follows:

  • it be useful for participants and practical information on the national implementation and collection of HNS reports;
  • the speakers and panelists be those experts directly involved in the national implementation  with the bulk of the workshop spent on this issue;
  • the industry have an opportunity to provide views as well as key information such as an actual case study of a past HNS incident from the claims perspective;
  • there be an interactive portion of the workshop;
  • it be scheduled back-to-back with another relevant international meeting where those experts would likely attend; and
  • one day was likely sufficient time.

In light of this, I have developed a draft programme for the workshop for your consideration. With the overwhelming preference being that it be held in conjunction with another international meeting, given that the Legal Committee would be considering this in April 2017, the earliest opportunity would be the same week as the IOPC Funds meeting the week of October 23, 2017. I have confirmed with the IOPC Funds that the intent is for those meetings to run for four days, thus the workshop could take place on the Friday of that week.

I would ask that you please provide any views on the draft programme by December 9 at the latest.

Best regards,

François Marier


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