Month: April 2016

Draft Resolution on the HNS Convention

François MarierDear members of the Correspondence Group,

I am pleased to circulate a draft paper and resolution for your consideration that is intended to be submitted for the upcoming meeting of the IMO Legal Committee in June. This resolution is part of the mandate of the Correspondence Group and strongly urges key states to take the steps necessary to implement the HNS Convention domestically and to collaborate in bringing it into force. It suggests a realistic timeframe to get the much needed critical mass.

This draft resolution is also complimentary to the draft decision current before the European Parliament.

I would ask you to please kindly review the resolution and its accompanying paper and provide any comments to me by April 22nd. Given the nature of the resolution, it would be important to have key states co-sponsor the paper. An indication of this is also due on April 22nd. The deadline for submitting it to the IMO is April 26th.

Best regards,

François Marier


Draft Report of the HNS Correspondence Group and HNS Incident Scenarios Outline

François MarierDear Members of the HNS Correspondence Group,

Please find below two draft documents for submission to the upcoming meeting of the IMO Legal Committee in June.

1) A draft report of the HNS Correspondence Group
2) The revised outline of the HNS Incident Scenarios

Both documents are under six pages, therefore have a deadline of April 26th for submission to the IMO. You will note that the report of the CG refers to the separate HNS Incident Scenario document, a similar approach, which was used at the last Legal Committee meeting with regards the brochure, which needed more time to complete. The same is true of the HNS Incident Scenarios and the request is for the Legal Committee to agree with the general outline of the presentation, as revised through the feedback I have received this far on the draft sent to you at the beginning of March.

The report of the Correspondence Group also refers to another separate document with regards the draft resolution to be considered by the Legal Committee. This document will be sent to you very soon and given its nature, co-sponsorship for that document will be sought.

Should you have any comments on either document, please provide them to me no later than April 22nd.

Best regards,

Francois Marier
HNS Correspondence Group