Month: March 2014

A Proposal Regarding Establishment of HNS Promotion Group-URGENT

charlie2Dear Correspondence Group Members,

Since this is the very first time that I am posting a message to the blog, first of all I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Liebert as well as Mr. Marier for their contributions and finally to Ms. Park for her excellent effort in constructing this blog. I must admit that this is a more comprehensive, easy to use and good looking one than the one I offered as a sharing platform.

As the next meeting of the IOPC Funds has been approaching, we, as the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications are intending to submit a proposal briefly offering establishment of the HNS Promotion Group consisting of the trained and certified persons by the Secretariat who are nominated by the interested states that are party to the Fund Convention. You can download the “draft” document from the below link regarding our proposal. (more…)